This is well suited to support anyone who has undergone emotional or physical trauma to regain a healthier balanced life. This fully customised programme is for recovering from surgery, cancer, heart attack or stroke as well as those dealing with emotional losses.

Package 1

  • Wellness consultation upon arrival and departure with the doctor
  • Strict personalised diet plan
  • Herbal medication to enable specific recovery during course of stay
  • 60 minutes of group yoga sessions per day
  • 60 minutes of group meditation per day
  • 90 minutes of spa treatment per day
    (Treatment options: Abyangam, Shirodhara, Takradhara, Patra Pinda Swedana, Udwarthanam, Shashtika Pinda Swedana, Dhanyamladhara, Karnapoornam, Tanlepanam, Mukhalepanam, Tharpanam, Pichu, Nasyam, Uro Vasti, Sneha/Kashaya Vasthi)
  • Guided group walks and hiking
  • Daily use of steam, sauna and thermal salt water pool
  • 2 sessions of 60 minute lifestyle discussions – Healthy living ( only 1 session for 5 night stays)

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