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Accessible Tourism

AYU, is your trusted travel partner that specifically caters to the medical, wellness and accessible tourism market in Sri Lanka offering a range of services. It serves as the specialized medical tourism brand of Walkers Tours. Being Sri Lanka’s premier Destination Management Company with 50 years of experience in the tourism sector, with Walkers Tours you are sure to be in expert hands!

Accessible tourism, a niche market within inbound tourism is relatively untapped with wonders to be unravelled. Facilities that exist within Sri Lanka for this segment remain to be a secret, however, AYU has explored the best of it to offer you a unique experience. We are the first inbound tour company to specialise in this area.

AYU operates in liaison with Mr. James Exton, a disability travel consultant and a  member of the European Network for Accessible Tourism. Having a wealth of knowledge about suppliers catering to this niche segment, AYU’s team has done extensive research to curate specific tours to differently abled tourists no matter what the requirements are. For the first time in Sri Lanka, AYU by Walkers Tours has developed the very first wheelchair accessible vehicle (WAV) and has carefully selected a list of partner hotels that accommodate special needs. Tours promoting a number of attractions with wheelchair accessibility coupled with experiences that provide necessary infrastructure adds to AYU’s distinct hallmark making it easy for tourists that need the extra help. Along with our insured carbon neutral fleet of vehicles and well-trained chauffeur guides allotted to AYU, absolute care and attention to our clients is guaranteed. 

AYU’s vision is to make Sri Lanka accessible for all including families and friends accompanying the special needs clients while creating memories of a lifetime in our tropical isle! So do not fret or be wary about travelling to Sri Lanka. AYU will make your dream holiday a reality with safety, entertainment and the most soothing experience you can ask for. The tropics are no longer inaccessible with the likes of us involved. Quick! Start booking with AYU!

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